Coil Formers custom made

All we need from you are the measurements, such as e.g. core and material diameter and your material preferences, to produce your custom coil formers. With or without flange. Round or angularly. We adjust to you and your requirements! 

Also for special requirements we are at your disposal any time for a consultation.



Materials for any use and application

In order to suit your requirements, we produce out of a broad selection of materials, of the insulation class B up to E, hard or flexible, individually manufactured.


Clavet keys, insulations or circuit board made out of different materials with a broad spectrum of insulation classes, custom made!

generate an order? that's how...

If you already have a precise idea of how your coil former or insulation should look like, you can just send us a PDF-file of your sketch, or just download our default sketch form the link beneath and fill in your measurements. 

More about special orders you find in the link below as well.